Happy birthday to the fabulous Woopi Goldberg

Woopi is an “American actress, comedian, author, and television host”. At present, she shares her opinions on the ABC’s daily television program The View[five days per week (5 days)] together with four other fascinating women of different opinions and point of views as co-hosts. Woopi has won considerable numbers of awards throughout her career. She was born on November 13, 1955 in new York, New York.
Congratulations Woopi and have a fabulous birthday.

Bonne fête à la tendre et talentieuse Claude Valade

Claude Valade (born Claudette Valade on November 12, 1941) is a Canadian singer whose career span stretched through about twenty years. She performed in the U.S(New York, Las Vegas, Miami) under the name of Claudia Valade. In fact, Claude Valade is internationally known; specially in Japan, south America(Brasil), places where she maintained innumerable fans. She is still busy working trough other endeavors.
Happy Birthday to Claude Valade the renown Canadian diva with a tender and charming voice.
A very beautiful song by Claude Valade in duet with Robert Demontigny: vin d’été

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