Georges Moustaki

g mustaki

“Georges Moustaki was born on May 3, 1934 in Alexandria, Egypt
as Giuseppe Mustacchi. He sang songs in French, Italian, Greek,
Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, and Arabic .

His parents, Sarah and Nessim Moustaki came originally from the
island of Corfu, Greece, and were Greek Jews, but they moved to
Alexandria, Egypt, where Georges learned French.

Georges has written songs for Édith Piaf (including “Milord”),
Dalida, Françoise Hardy, Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Herbert Pagani,
France Gall, and Cindy Daniel, as well as for himself.

Moustaki went to Paris in 1951 and was inspired by the young
Georges Brassens. He changed his name to Georges Moustaki, in honor
of him.”
Georges Moustaki styles appealed to millions of people of the world
mainly, because he could sing in many languages without any difficulty.

The following song evidently confirms the veracity of the last statement.
Listen to: Haiti chérie singing by Georges Moustaki.

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