Emeline Michel

“Born in Gonaives, Haiti, Emeline Michel first experience in music was singing gospel music at the local church. After completing her education, Emeline accepted an opportunity to study at the Detroit Jazz Center and returned to Haiti as a professional musician. Emeline soon released her first album Douvanjou ka leve (May the Sun Rise) which featured the hit Plezi Mize (Pleasure in Misery) written by Beethova Obas.

Subsequent releases Tankou melodi (Like a Melody) and Flanm (Flame) established her as one of the top artists in Haiti and the French Antilles, and she was soon hailed as the “new goddess of Creole music.

Relocating to France, she became a leading musical icon, performing at venues such as the Jazz Festival of Nice and Theatre de la Ville, making numerous appearances on French television and gracing the covers of many music and culture magazines.”

Enjoy this song by the Haitian diva, Emeline Michel: An interlude

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