dalida la diva

“Dalida began life as Yolanda Gigliotti. She was born in Cairo on 17 January 1933, her Italian grandparents having emigrated to Egypt at the turn of the century. Yolanda and her two brothers, Orlando and Bruno, grew up in a creative musical environment as their father, Pietro, worked as a violinist at the Cairo Opera House. Meanwhile their mother, Giuseppina, busied herself about the family home set in the Choubra district, a lively part of town where Arabs and Westerners lived side by side in perfect harmony.”

Pease read: Dalida’s biography [English]
It’s fascinating, juicy, breath-taking, inspiring, in short; it’s no wonder that this diva’s career story keeps spanning although she has gone.

Here is one of her signature song: Parlez moi d’amour

dalida miss Egypt 1954
Si je me suis battue debout contre les ombres
Et cachée dans la nuit pour étouffer ma voix,
Des bravos et des larmes seront ma récompense.
Pour un rideau qui tombe, un autre qui se lève,
Demain et dans mille ans,
Je recommencerai…”
signature of dalid

As for me, I can’t never get enough of Dalida.
Here is another song by Dalida:
La piogia

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