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Radiovcs is basically an internet music oriented medium, aiming at keeping its listeners entertain 24/7 by playing all genres of music, local and world. But, radiovcs finds out that, it is also essentially appreciative to post the day of birth of our entertainers when it’s possible to do so, and give praise to their gifted talents. Also, radiovcs surely thinks it is equally necessary to highlight these formidable entertainers’ successful achievements. For, one can agree that without these blessed, talented men, and women; truly, human live would have been somehow senseless. Therefore, in order to continue the fulfillment of this aspiration, radiovcs would appreciate comments and suggestions pertaining to, how it would improve its daily musical programming, because the goal is to satisfy the listening pleasure of those who love listening to music whether occasionally or passionately. Please the listeners and show a deserving appreciation to our artists, is radiovcs’ goal; that is its passion. Don’t forget, music is therapeutic.
Many thanks.

A wonderful and a happy birthday to two of our beloved entertainers:

Alicia Keys was born on January 25, 1981 in Manhattan, NY.

Happy birthday Alicia

She is an American artist recognized all over the world as a pianist, a singer, and much more.

Michel Sardou is a French singer who has a career spanned through many decades.

Bonne anniversaire Michel. Vivez longtemps

Michel’s birthday is on January 26. This celeb Parisian who was born 70 years ago is one of the greatest France’s performers.

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